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The Heart of Horsemanship - Floriane Vermeire
Harmony Horsemanship Instructor Level 1 

Dream it, wish it, do it...

About Floriane 


Floriane Vermeire is dedicated to life-long learning and helping others connect with their horses in a natural way.  She is born with horses in her heart and has brought her dream to Canada to share her passion and knowledge about the horses.




The Heart of Horsemanship offers a variety of services for all ages and experiences. This includes; horsemanship lessons, horse training, birthday parties, kid's camps and more! We are excited to make all of your dreams come true! 



The Heart of Horsemanship is excited to introduce a line of products for you and your horse.  This line includes; rope halters, bitless bridles, bareback pads, saddles and more!  All of our products have been made with high-quality materials and precision.


"My ADHD has always made it a bit harder for me to get to work with my horse. Luckily there was Floriane with a kind heart and everlasting patience, who brought me and my horse to where we are today." -Anaïs

"I am completely new to horses. I have been taking lessons with Floriane and she has been an abundance of knowledge and a great resource. She is kind and patient with both the horses and people, she is an absolute gem. It is heartwarming to have my horses do what I ask of them. Her gentle but persistent approach with positive reinforcement really works! I highly recommend Floriane!" -Sandy

"I had some communication problems with my horses.  I couldn't understand them, this caused a lot of issues in our training. Floriane came to me and helped me connect with my horses. She taught me the language of the horse. Today, my horses are willing to work for me and we have built a relationship everyone could dream of." -Jessy